City Mapping by Combining Data

Mapping cities is deemed to be one of the most challenging tasks in the automated analysis of image data, as urban areas are composed of highly complex spatial and spectral structures. Yet especially when planning and developing urban areas, measurable information from images forms a well-founded basis for decision-making. Our multi-stage approach allows a detailed extraction of certain features in urban areas  by synergistic analysis of optical imagery and LiDAR data.

Detailed Extraction of Building Roofs

For instance, our multi-stage approach can be used for detailed extraction of building roofs based on LiDAR and RGB data. RGB and LiDAR Data extract different surface features. Our five-step approach enables to combine different surface features revealed by the individual data sets. Thus, we are able to extract surface features such as  as roof type, roof aspects, roof material, and solar panels.

Tama Group Approach

More detailled information you will find in our Media Centre in ‘AppNotes’ – “Extracting information from building roofs from airborne LiDAR and RGB data”.
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