eCognition 10.3 – Release December 2022 – Highlights

Image Registration – Copyright: Trimble

Seamless Python Integration

Segmentation Preview

Raster Calculator

Image Registration

Create and use your python scrips directly in eCognition
Dynamic Segmentation Preview tool to calibrate your segmentation on the fly.
Raster calculator for layer arithmetics algorithm
Complete workflows in eCognition without having to switch third party software
In our (German) Tama Group Newsletter Vol 12 we offer more detailed insights with tipps & tricks for eCognition 10.3.

eCognition Distribution & Services

We provide a tailor made offer matching the various possibilities of the software. You get our 4D Maintenance package including Software Maintenance, Level 1&2 Support, Ruleware Support and Advanced Training. Of course, you have access to our Webinars and Support & Coaching offers. To support you in a most proficient way our support is based  on Tama eCognition Developement Process

A compilation of useful Tips & Tricks for working with eCognition
On Trimble eCognition TV you find an extensive collection of webinars and tutorials.
You can find our Webinars on different topics, tutorials, Interviews and further helpful Tips&Tricks on Tama Group You Tube Channel.
 eCognition Community by Trimble is a forum for English speaking users of eCognition
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