eCognition 10.4 – Release February 2024 – Highlights

Visualize regions with ease – ©Trimble

Visualize ‘Regions’

The “region” comes into view as a virtual subset of a project, as it can now be displayed as a separate layer and interactively drawn with the mouse. This allows for much more precise and effective development and working in small units.


eCognition 10.4 now includes a new Python API that allows for the direct execution of a RuleSet within eCognition using a Python script. Please note that an eCognition Server license is required for this feature. Additionally, Python scripts can now access objects within eCognition, whereas previously only raster data was supported.


MobileMapping-generated data sets typically include panorama images and corresponding point clouds as frames. With the new 10.4 update, it is now possible to merge these frames into a single, coherent point cloud. The classifications of the resulting point clouds are also transferred to 2D.


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Trimble eCognition

Transform data into information.

Here you will find essential information about eCognition from Trimble.

Introducing Trimble eCognition software version 10.4

Attend the Trimble webinar hosted by Khrystyna Bezborodova and Michael Wang to learn about the new version.

eCognition Distribution & Services

We provide a tailor made offer matching the various possibilities of the software. You get our 4D Maintenance package including Software Maintenance, Level 1&2 Support, Ruleware Support and Advanced Training. Of course, you have access to our Webinars and Support & Coaching offers. To support you in a most proficient way our support is based  on Tama Core Process

Tama Group eCognition User Conference on 17.04.2024 featured eCognition 10.4 as one focal point.

From Science to Production with eCognition – Methods, Solutions, Applications

AI generated picture | prompts: Illustrate A Sketch Describing A Workflow From Science To Production With Regard To Remote Sensing

Thank you for your contributions to the presentations and discussions. We will process the content and make it available to those who were unable to attend live or would like to delve deeper into certain aspects. Further information will be provided shortly.

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