Status detection of constructions and buildings via UAVs

Scan flight with UAVs offer points of view even for difficult of access parts of buildings and open up new perspectives. To process this high amount of data efficiently you need to use highly automated methods of analyzing sensing data. Thus images can turn to measurable information to help you taking the appropriate decisions.

Detailed analysis of a graffiti façade

In cooperation with a company focused on multicopters and UAV Services Tama Group measured up and inspected a graffiti façade. Following scan flight and photogrammetry by Ingenieurbüro WOLF, Tama Group used her methods of high-automated image analysis. By automated information extraction we could give precise and quantifiable information on condition, fabric and characteristics of the façade in general and of the graffiti in particular.

Status detection of old fronts

Particularly regarding old and historical buildings a regular monitoring of façades is required. The building stock may be affected by erosion or base setting, resulting in fissuring and cracking or dampness in brickwork. Exact measurement by drone flights and and high automated and sophisticated image analysis detects and documents these  appearances at an early state. Comparing time series indicates the right timing for restoration measures.

For more information check in to our Media Centre and have a look under ‘AppNotes’ – ‘Extracting information from building façades’ offers detailed information.