Assessing building conditions with drones

Drones provide new perspectives, even for hard-to-reach areas. Efficiently processing resulting image and data volumes is crucial for detailed and reproducible analysis. This turns images into measurable information, forming the basis for decisions.

Detailed Analysis of a Graffiti Façade

In collaboration with a company specializing in multicopter and UAV services, the Tama Group conducted a detailed analysis and precise measurement of a graffiti-covered façade. The engineering firm WOLF conducted a drone flight and photogrammetry, which was followed by a highly automated analysis by the Tama Group. The data provided made it possible to obtain precise and quantifiable information about the condition, structure, and unique features of the façade, including the graffiti.

Assessing the Condition of Old Facades

Regular inspection of facades is crucial for older or historic buildings as the building fabric may be affected by erosion or subsidence of the subsoil. This can result in cracks forming, joints breaking out, or moisture in the masonry. To accurately document, measure, and quantify these developments, precise surveying techniques such as drone flights and highly automated analysis should be deployed. By comparing time series, you can identify the right time to take corrective action.