Garbage Accumulation

The seas and oceans of this world are increasingly burdened by flotsam in the form of garbage and rubbish. There are hotspots where this flotsam is washed back to the beach and accumulates in the form of mountains of waste. These places are widely known.

With the help of very high resolution satellite data (GSD ~ 30cm) it is possible to detect such hotspots of garbage accumulation.

Mapping the Accumulation

For automated analysis of the information collected with very high resolution satellite data, Tama Group presents a monitoring service that does not directly supply the individual garbage objects but provides information about the potential density of accumulation at the respective beach section.

In this video European Space Imaging introduces our monitoring service.


Every year, there are about 400,000 volunteers worldwide who are trying to clean the beaches.

With the help of automatically generated maps that show the waste density on individual stretches of beach, it is possible to optimize the coordination of these efforts and thus maximize the effectiveness of the mission.

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