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  • Green Areas and Shadow Mapping

    Green Areas and Shadow Inside Cities Green areas and shadowed regions are important spaces, significantly influencing the well-being of citizens. The amount of vegetation describes the suitability of areas for recreational purposes and serves as major carbon sink. Areas covered by shadow can particularly contribute to light deficiency. Especially shadows being cast from tall buildings […]

  • Garbage Densitiy on the Beach

    Garbage Accumulation The seas and oceans of this world are increasingly burdened by flotsam in the form of garbage and rubbish. There are hotspots where this flotsam is washed back to the beach and accumulates in the form of mountains of waste. These places are widely known. With the help of very high resolution satellite […]

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    Measurable Information from Images Python, CNN and OBIA – This is how you extract measurable information from images. Our Portfolio Licenses & Services Trimble eCognition® software for remote sensing and extracting measurable information from images. We offer a tailor-made package that matches the many possibilities of the software. We have put together application options for […]

  • Forestry

    We provide two solutions for Forestry Applications On-Premise You can run some of our forestry applications ‘on-premise’. Install eCognition and operate our Information Factories in your own network. Automatic Forest Inventory Automatic detection of tree species and changes within the foerst based on satellite und LiDAR-Data. Canopy Density Interactive application to determine canopy density of […]

  • Environmental Applications

    Remote Sensing for Environmental Applications With Environmental Appllications complex processes and changes can be captured and made tangible by processing of large quantities of images and creating time series. Automatic Grain Counting Answering analytical questions on individual components of a grain mixture based on photos from a digital camera. Garbage Density on the Beach Mapping […]