We have compiled examples of possible applications for eCognition in various areas.

In this short video, we have summarized our examples for Architecture, Building, and Construction (A-B-C).

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Automatic Grain Counting

Answering analytical questions on individual components of a grain mixture based on photos from a digital camera.

©Tama Group

City Signature Mapping

Our tool for systematically collecting and analyzing building conditions or damage is based on the automated analysis of drone data.

©Tama Group

Facade Analysis

Condition detection of buildings and structures by automated information extraction from drone images.

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Garbage Density on the Beach

Mapping of garbage accumulation on the beach by automated analysis of high-resolution satellite data.

©Tama Group

Green Areas and Show Mapping

Tama Group provides a structured methodology to increase the level of automation in city mapping projects.

©Tama Group

Mapping Benthic Habitats

Fully-automated high-resolution mapping of coral reefs and other marine habitats.

©Tama Group

Mapping of Roof Structures

Detailed extraction of building roofs from LiDAR and RGB data by Tama Group methodology.

©Tama Group

Olive Tree Extraction

Extracting ‘riparian’ and ‘olives’ vegetation using free high-resolution satellite data for Landscape-scale modelling of pesticide exposure and species effects.

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Site Monitoring

Construction progress documentation based on information extraction from drone images.

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Woodmouse Scenario Construction

Modelling of population effects of non-target species (e.g. woodmouse) due to pesticide exposure.