Canopy Density

Automated image recognition offers various possibilities to analyze snapshots according to certain characteristics and thus how developments and temporal processes. In forestry this may be used to measure canopy density in order to obtain reliable and verifiable scales about the actual condition and development of a forest as a preparation for harvesting or to ensure accurate damage survey after catastrophes such as fire, storms or pests. Supported by our application  ‘Canopy Density’ it is possible to determine the canopy density of a forest area out of  photos taken from below in just three steps.

Fast and reliable evaluation

After selecting the application (eCognition Architect) and loading Tama desk, you pick a photo to be analyzed.
After a short calculation time, classification is completed and canopy density is displayed.

Our application reliably calculates canopy density in both deciduous and coniferous trees and can also be used during wintertime.

Output Formats

The original image and the classification are saved next to each other so the results can be easily checked. The results are also listed in .txt / CSV.

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