Tama Core Process

Five steps to success:  Tama core process describes the basic workflow of image analysis with eCognition. We have also taken into account the possibilities of CNNs and the integration of Python scripts.

After creating a project by (1) importing all available data, additional (2) layers have to be generated to increase the information content for the following analysis. The subsequent (3) segmentation and (4) classification of the newly generated objects can be repeated in mutual influence any number of times. Finally, the (5) export of extracted information is done, may be spatially located in a map or statistical edited in chart form.

eCognition Skill Tester – Determine your proficiency level

Discover your eCognition proficiency level with our ‘eCognition Skill Tester’.

Auxiliary tools

The following compilation offers a selection of sources of information about eCognition Software, some of them are in German language. Very recommendable is an eCognition community registration (community.ecognition.com) where you can take part in an information exchange with eCognition users worldwide. Please contact if you have any questions or want to refer to further references: info@tama-group.com.

Video – Video tutorials and lecture

  • Opportunity of downloading a wide range of rulesets and exemplary projects such as automation of appraisal of “scale” parameter, “parent process” objects and using of “maps” for independent classification: http://community.ecognition.com/home/app_files

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