eCognition 4D-Maintenance

We are breaking new ground when compiling our maintenance package for eCognition licenses. Tama Group offers services in four dimensions.

It goes without saying that you will receive from us the software versions offered by the software manufacturer Trimble as part of the usual maintenance as well as the classic Level 1 and Level 2 services in software support. In addition, the Tama Group offers highly attractive services for individual Ruleware-Support and advanced training packages.

With our Skill Tester you can check your actual eCognition skill level and obtain recommendations for our training and coaching program as well as our webinars

The Four Individual Components

1 Software Maintenance

The software-maintenance includes all services comprised in the ‘Trimble eCognition maintenance’ such as version updates, upgrades, bugfixes and patches.

The Tama Group tests the new version itself in order to provide all advantages at first hand.

2 Level 1&2 Support

We are aware of the importance of a high-quality software-support for the user, especially in time-sensitive or highly challenging projects.

Our software-agents are all active users of the software and are available to the customers via telephone, email, skype or WebEx.

3 Ruleware Support

Every eCognition user has its own style of Ruleware. Nevertheless, there are times when a neutral ‘sparring partner’ is highly welcome to discuss about an issue, create new ideas for implementation or dig into the different ways of debugging.

4 Advanced Training

Our consulting is based on the ‘Tama 8 Service Disciplines’. All our consultants and Ruleware-Developers are trained in these disciplines.

We would be pleased to offer our advanced training knowledge in training sessions that make the user more effective and efficient.

4D Maintenance – Made to Measure

The first two dimensions are our standard packages. We have prepared modules for you for the dimensions ‘Ruleware Support’ and ‘Training packages’. We are happy to create a customised offer for you.